How to accelerate authentic friendships even as a busy mom juggling all the things!

In this Workshop, you’ll learn:


The Major Mindset Shift

that changes EVERYTHING to make the friend-making process way less daunting and significantly more fun! 


The Biggest Mistake Moms Make When Looking for their Next Bestie

…and how to avoid it so you can dramatically cut down on the time it takes to find her!


The Most Simple and Effective Way to Make a New BFF

so you can move past the small talk and get to the real talk – and fast!


The 3 Secrets for Finding Time for Friendship as a Busy Mom

without sacrificing precious time with your family (or adding one more thing to your plate to plan!)

Your #MomSquad is Within Reach

Whether you’re tired of scrolling Facebook seeing everyone else do life together, or are struggling to find someone (or a group of someones!) who just “get you” …this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Because you weren’t made to mom alone.

And it’s time to stop trying.

But, villages don’t just happen. So, join me to learn all about how to create them.

I promise – it’s easier than you think!

This Workshop is a Must Attend if…

You’ve recently moved and don’t want to take years to find your people in your new city.

You’re the first (or last) in your friend group to have kids and are craving new connections with those in the same season.

You’ve lived in the same place your whole life and have a loads of family support, but want a group of girlfriends to lean on, too.



A Personal Invitation from Emily…

I’ve built my village from scratch (multiple times!).

Three cross-country moves, countless phone numbers collected, and dozens of fierce friends later, I’ve discovered the secret to making REAL and AUTHENTIC friends – and fast!

This brand-new workshop is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in creating and maintaining life-giving connections as a busy mom.

(And it doesn’t require you to be naturally popular, funny, or have a magnetic personality –  I certainly didn’t have any of those things!)

If you’re committed to stop sitting on the sidelines watching others do life together, and are ready to find a crew of your very own. I can’t wait to help you get there – and with more confidence (and speed!) then you could have ever imagined.

Can’t WAIT to see you there!

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